Our wedding and event company began in 2010 with the company 'Pigging Perfect'

Pigging Perfect offers professional Pig Roasts, Lamb Roasts and BBQ's. These options are wonderful as a main meal but also make a tremendously novel evening food option.

Pig Roasts

Pig Roasts are a great option for larger parties/weddings with over 100 guests as they are a real cost effective way of catering, but don't be put off if you only have a smaller gathering as a smaller pig can be used.


How does it all work?


Prior to the event, the pig is prepared and the head can be removed if you prefer.


It is then cleaned, oiled and seasoned on the day of your event. On the morning of your wedding or event, the pig will be put onto our custom built machine and cooked to perfection for your desired service time.


To cook a whole pig roast it takes between 7-14 hours to cook, with the chef supervising the entire process.


So to insure the best possible crackling with the most succulent meat, we don’t just turn the heat on and check it hours later – only to find overcooked meat and charred crackling (this does happen with some companies), it is checked on a regular basis throughout the whole cooking process.


The use of a special roasting unit means that we can cook, carve and serve basically anywhere; hotels, restaurants and even gardens.


The pig is carved at the pre-agreed time and then served from heated roasting dishes on a buffet table. Sauces and salads will be placed for your guests to help themselves or served onto plate by our service staff if desired.


Pig roasts can be much more than just pork and stuffing in a bap. The pork can be served in many variations with the favourite being served with a cold salad and hot buttered new potatoes.



(And then there’s the cleaning which takes about 3 hours.)


Our BBQ buffets are ideal for a relaxed gathering at your wedding, garden party or any other event. We can also provide table platters allowing us to table serve the BBQ foods for your guests to help themselves to at a more formal event.


All of the meat options on our BBQ menu are locally sourced.


With our large selection of BBQ foods and salads rest assured there is always something for everyone.

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